Disillusionment – Part 2

Disillusionment – Part 2

Dictionary: To disappoint or embitter because things did not turn out like you imagined. When our personal illusions collide with reality.

We can get disillusioned with God, with ourselves, with others.

Choosing to follow Jesus does not mean we will never be disillusioned. When we start walking with Jesus we start walking in the light.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

-        My nick name for God is Jehovah Surprise!

-        The disciples must have been disillusioned seeing Jesus hung on a cross. Not what they expected.

-        Job in all his suffering was disillusioned with God.

-        Elijah in depressed in the cave, after national revival!  

-        Israel grumbling in the wilderness – this life is not what we expected.

1.   Have you ever been disillusioned with God?

God is not nervous about our disillusionment with Him, and He is not disillusioned with us being disillusioned with Him!

          Ill. Some of my greatest disillusionments about God is that He did not stop some things from happening, or do what I asked for.

-        FBC church split.

-        My son going to prison.

-        Tried to raise Rick Montgomery from the dead.

2. Have you ever been disillusioned with yourself?

-        We discover our humanity and weakness.

-        We overestimated our ability to do something and now can’t deliver.

Good news is that God is still not disillusioned with us.

“He that began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” Phil. 1:6

Spiritual growth is a slow process. “First the blade, then the stalk, then the full ear of corn.” Mark 4:28

Failure is sometimes part of our spiritual growth. Failure in a Xn is still progress.

Thomas Edison “I didn’t fail a 1000 times. It just took a 1000 steps to invent the light bulb.” Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because “He lacked imagination.” Albert Einstein’s parents thought he was mentally retarded because he did not talk till he was 4 years old.

Lucille Ball was told when she was studying to be an actress that she should try some other profession. Babe Ruth struck out over 1,300 times and said ever strike brought him closer to the next home run.

Christians must re-frame failure as spiritual growth.

Ill. Draw a spring on dry erase board. It may look you are going down but you are going up.

“Failure is one of the greatest art in the world. One fails towards success.” Charles Kettering

“Failure provides the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.” Henry Ford

The Christian faith walk is pilgrimage not a performance.

3.   Have you ever been disillusioned with God’s people (church)?

Relationships go through cycles:

1.   Infatuation

2.   Disillusionment (reality)

3.   Bail or commit?
Seen in people going form job to job, relationship to relationship, church to church. Commitment is lacking!

Disagreements are bound to happen in church! Why? People have differences in spiritual experiences and backgrounds, political differences, cultures, generations, opinions on how things should be done.

Ill. Jesus own disciples had disunity among them. Jesus came upon them one day arguing with one another. “What are you guys talking about?” They were arguing over who was the greatest among them!

-        Ill. Paul and Barnabas had sharp disagreement. AS far as we know these were unresolvable. Sometimes can’t work together! Who was right and who was wrong? Apparently God went with Paul and He went with Barnabas too. God walking with you does not depend upon you being the one right or not. The same God was on both sides!

-        Women at Philippian church Paul addressed to try and get along. We don’t know the outcome.

-        Truth is the people of God are lousy at resolving conflicts between us. Look through the scriptures where you see success at this! Not many!

Some points that might help us get along with each other in church.

Ill. Hold up card with large number 6 on it towards congregation. Ask what number this is? Then flip it backwards towards me and it looks like a 9. Point: both see it accurately but differently.

1.   Remember a 6 could be a nine from the other side of the table.

2.   Don’t think insight gives you an invitation. Ill. When we see faults in others our first response should be pray for them. It does not mean we are to tell them their faults.

God sees more things in us than He reveals to us – we call this mercy!

We who have received such mercy with God must be reminded to have mercy with one another.

How in the world can the church have unity? God places us all together with different backgrounds, cultures, political opinions, personalities?

“May they all be one in Us, that the world may believe that You have sent Me. I have given them the glory that you gave Me, that they may be one even as We are one.” John 17:21-22

What this unity cannot mean:

It cannot mean we are the same strength, same gifts.

It cannot mean we have the same identical ideas.

It cannot mean the absence of diversity of cultures, likes, opinions.

It cannot mean the absence of conflict!

What does Jesus mean by unity or being “one” in His church?

          Ill. Where else does God use the term “oneness”? In marriage between husband and wife. When does a husband and wife become one? Is it at the ceremony? Is it after 30 years?

-        It happens as both die to self and live for a greater purpose than themselves as individuals.

How does that happen? They make and keep making a commitment to each other, not for the sake of each other, not for the sake of commitment, but for the sake that Jesus is committed us to one another. It is His doing to make us one.