Pursuing Wisdom – Part 2

Pursuing Wisdom – Part 2

God gave King Solomon wisdom and made him the wisest man that every lived because he asked God for wisdom above anything he could ask God for, above riches, long life.

Hebrew word for what Solomon asked for is related to “Shema” – a hearing heart.  

King David was not a good parent, but his son Solomon did learn one thing from him – to have a heart after God and like God.

-         Keep in mind Solomon or David were not born again. They did not have HS living inside them as Xns do today.

To find the will of God about a matter people would go to the priest with an ephod (breast coat). PIC of Ephod

 High Priest coat with the stones for Israel on outside but a pouch behind containing two stones called urim and thummim behind it, over the heart. These two stones mysteriously were used to determine the will of God like a yes or no -  “do we go up to battle?”

-         Today wisdom is Spirit-led living.

Wisdom needs to be our #1 request. Why? Let me answer with some history?

 Ill. In 1849 gold was being discovered in great amounts in California. People rushed from all over the world to get there. Rumors were flying that gold just laying on the ground – come get rich! If they had discovered granite instead of gold people would not come there!Why – because gold has value! These people were labeled 49ers because 1849 was the year they had the courage to make life changing decision to journey across the country into what was then dangerous uncharted territory. San Francisco football 49ers name – courage.

Yet, look at what God says is more valuable than gold.

“How much better to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is better than silver.” Proverbs 16:16

-         That is what the parable of the pearl of great price is all about. Once you learn something of great value can be found you commit your life to the search for it.

“Wisdom is principal; therefore, get wisdom. And with all your getting, get understanding.”  Proverbs 4:7

“The beginning of wisdom is this: get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.” NIV

“Getting wisdom is the most important thing you can do. Whatever else you get, get insight.”  GNT

ill. We tell young people the most important thing is to get an education? That is not what God says!

Bec. God does not think like us – Isa. 55:8

The wisdom of God described in I Cor. 2:1-16

1.    Hidden until God reveals it.

2.    For our glory. (Proverbs 25:2).

3.    Revealed by the Spirit.

4.    The deep things of God.

5.    Discerned only by those with the Spirit.

Wisdom comes with a cost – the cost is time with God.

-         Prayer talks and a trust walk.

To think and walk with God you will have to go His pace.

Pursuing wisdom automatically means you are going to slow down in order to ponder, think over and over things to discover to gold God has for you to discover.

Most of the people who left home for California gold did not get rich quick like they expected.

Ill. Rumors flying about “gold salve”. A unique product that would find gold if smeared on clothes then roll on ground and stand up covered in gold – instant riches. But like gold salve – wisdom is not and instant discover either.

3 primary ways gold and wisdom are discovered:

1.    Panning  - is like meditation.

2.    Pickaxe – is like digging deeper into the scriptures.

3.    Dynamite – is like a sudden rhema (life changing).

God is Spirit and He wants you to develop and mature in Sspirit and is wisdom and understanding of God and His ways.  

He wants you to discern and perceive by your spirit. Practice, practice.

-Discerning is not 100% accurate. Good and evil/life and death.  Some have suspicion not the gift.  

-Perceiving  –  Acts 14:9 – Paul looking outwardly at body language, attitudes.

          There is a learning curve for all of us – we have to grow spiritually.

One my life verses is Isaiah 30:15

“Thus says the Holy One of Israel, ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and confidence is your strength.” Isa. 30:15

-         This does not come natural for me. But it is natural for God. And I know this is what He has called me to become.

ill. A pastor needs to be in peace, calm, and joy to hear and walk closely with God. The devil sends troubles as mainly distractions.  “Obey your leaders and submit to them for they watch over your souls and must give account to God. Let them do this with joy, and not complaining,(evidently pastors complain???)  for that would not be profitable to you! – then he says “Pray for us!” Heb. 13:17-18.

-         Ill. Just as surgeon needs to be at peace and calm before he operates on you. Pam’s botched back surgery. We heard surgeon angry and upset at someone – we should said not today. But God healed that anyway!

 Just as quietness and peace increases our ability to perceive God, fear and panic reduce our ability to discern the real purpose of God. When you are irritated or angry is not a good time to make a decision!

Ill. Jesus’s disciples are an encouragement to me to know God gives us a learning curve in this journey. In Mark 4 Jesus uses a storm as training and practice. He and disciples piled into boat to go to the other side. Jesus makes bee-line to a pillow on the back side of the boat and went to sleep. This says so much about the rest of God. The storm kicks up and the disciples get anxious. Half of them grew up on this lake as pro fisherman. By night they had determined they were sinking and Jesus was sleeping on the job and did not care. Why was Jesus sleeping and not helping?

Because it was their turn for practice! This was Life with God:101 class.

          They just witnessed feeding 5000. He gave them an opportunity there too but they passed. Here was another opportunity.

They would face greater storms than this one day. They had to learn not to depend upon His physical visible Presence – one day soon He would not by physically with them. They had to learn experience and release God’s peace into their circumstances out of their own relationship with the Father, not His.

          Ill. What if things would have turned out differently. What if the boys would have said, “Hey we just saw an amazing miracle. God is with us. Jesus told us to go to the other side – so we know we are going there. Let’s tell this storm to get out of our way!” But we will never know what could have happened, because that night they missed their opportunity. They never got to see the look that would have been on Jesus’ face if they would have tried. Maybe He would have winked and said, “Good job boys. You’re getting it.”

          Instead He spoke to the storm and stilled it, then spoke to them. “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”

But God is so patient with us. He wants us to find His wisdom.

You may have seen something 100 times but the 101first time you see something you did not see before.

Ill. Stereogram – a picture hidden within a picture. A 3D object is hidden in a 2D picture. But the brain can only create the illusion of depth when you learn how to view the stereogram correctly.

Pic of stereogram

A different way of looking at something. Looking through it until the 3D image appears in your peripheral vision.

Pursuing wisdom means you are yoked with Jesus to learn to see like He sees and learning His timing and rhythm. So much of wisdom is learning to think differently and to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

 Getting guidance from God is process coming out of a right relationship with Him and learning how to abide with Him throughout every day. He is interested in everything you do! Sometimes God speaks in ways that we may not recognize at first. It may not be till later that we recognize God was trying to show us something.

          Ill. Remember those connect the dot to dot pictures you did as a child? PIC

You couldn’t tell what the picture was until you followed the numbers and connected the dots. Little by little the image emerged.

          This is why I carry a notepad with me – a journal just to write down things I think God may be saying/showing. This collection of stuff at times does not always seem to mean anything. Other times I am able to see through things that has been happening in my life and connecting the dots to see what HS is showing me. The messages I preach now come this way. I review each day the previous things I have been getting in my quiet times, etc.

          I want to challenge you to begin to keep a 50 cent note pad with you and begin to collect thoughts, words that capture your attention, scriptures, phrases that may be things God could be showing you. Go back later and ponder and ask HS about them. You might be surprised at the wisdom God gives you because you are paying attention and writing some things down.

          Why write things down? Let me answer that by asking you a question. How many of you have ever heard of Zebulon Pike? He was sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the unknown western lands of the US. Pike’s peak is named after him. However few people know anything about who he was or what he explored and found.

          How many of you know the names of Lewis and Clarke? Most of you. They also were sent by Thomas Jefferson to do the same thing. Why is it we know the names and advertures of Lewis and Clark but not Zebulon Pike very well? The difference is this.

          Lewis and Clarke and their team kept detailed records of what they saw and discovered on their journey. Pike and his men kept no records just in their minds. One kept a pen and pad of paper with them all the time.


          Most treasures won’t come to us. We will have to be like the 49ers and be willing to take risks with our lives instead of having the goal to trying to be comfortable.

          Ill. Many of the 49ers kept journals we still have today that tell their stories. Some met with tragedy, heartbreak and disappointment. When asked about their experiences their replies were similar. It was the adventure of a lifetime. The wonders they saw, the adversities they had to overcome, the friends they made along the way had become the true treasure of their lives.

          This week on TV heard Arthur Blessit (carried cross) say these words that I knew God highlighted for me to remember to share with you. Pic Arthur Blessit

Ill. He was a Baptist pastor of small church in California. HS spoke to him one day to leave the church, make a cross and start traveling with it until God says stop. Just before the day he was about to begin he got very sick and had to be hospitalized. Told he had a brain tumor and needed surgery or he may die. He had to make a decision. He said these words, “I would rather obey God and die try to do what He told me to do, than to lay here and die in this hospital bed.”

          He left the hospital and threw away the drugs and started carrying the cross around the world and never looked back. He has traveled to every country in the world carrying the cross and has had the adventure of a lifetime.

-         This adventure is for you too – right where God planted you. Pursuing wisdom is pursuing God.