Opening the Door of Utterance for your Pastor and You!


Opening the Door of Utterance for your Pastor and You!
Colossians 4:2-4 and Ephesians 6:19

Intro: The 2 weakest areas of the church are:

1.    Prayer – getting people to have a strong consistent prayer life.

Today when you leave one book per family called Reset – about building a consistent prayer life. Church bought it for you to equip you. 
Pic of book "Reset"

2.    Witnessing – sharing the gospel.

Both of these involve using your mouth for utterance of words.

Both attract more opposition/devil to shut down.

The moment you do what God is telling you to do, is the moment you meet the enemy trying to stop you. “There is no such thing as unopposed spiritual progress”.

Ill. Friend told me about commitment he believed God had him make last week. This week called and told me ever since then been under attack in many ways. It is because you are attacking what the enemy has been doing and he is fighting you back to stop you!

-         Many made commitment last week. If everyone keeps that commitment, and not back-off then deficit is met. But some not use to opposition from the enemy may back off! 


There is an invisible enemy and warfare going on all the time around you. If the enemy can keep you comfortable living a Xn life just to yourself then he will keep you deceived and comfortable till you go to heaven.

-         Most of the church is spiritually asleep (prayer life is mostly about their own life and family not about KOG making impact world.)

-         Most church could care less about commitment to God and is seeking comfortable life. God promised a reward to those who diligently seek Him (Heb: 11:6) not the comfortable life – heaven.

-         Not about tearing down kingdom of darkness to establish KOG. You can tell this by listening to people’s prayers.  

Ill. Isaiah’s vision of throne room of God. I am undone. God’s angel hot coal touched lips – your sin is covered. THEN he hears conversation between Trinity. Who will go for us? Who shall I send? Volunteers.

Go and preach to a people who will not listen, who call evil good and good evil, who are wise in their own eyes, who are like heroes at drinking alcohol. You are going to preach to them and only a 10th of them will return to Me and My holy seed will be in them.


Why such minimal results?

The war with Satan is over and we win but we still have opposition.

Eph 6:10 tells us our opposition is not just flesh and blood we can see. It is mostly spiritual forces opposing us that we cannot see like :

Principalities (demon princes over municipalities).


Rulers of the darkness

Wickedness in the atmosphere

Eph. 6:12

But if you wake up to the truth, realizing nothing is coincidental for a child of God and that you have a calling and an assignment on your life with limited amount of time to do it – then hell has to put out a contract on you to stop you at all costs. Use anything you have access to stop them- family, friends, finances, fears, future. Follow, stalk them, and do what you can to stop their faith in God from moving. Shut them down! Most don’t believe this.

The reason the church is making so little impact is not because the devil is so powerful – it is because the church is not accessing the using the gifts God has given to the church.

Ill. Imagine the devil has army parked outside this church. Tanks, soldiers with combat equipment, snipers, hand grenades and his army is attacking the church. We decide to fight back and assign everyone a be be gun and say go get them.

WE have been given special weapons that we are not launching!

What are they?

“When He (Jesus) ascended up (to heaven) He led captivity captive (meaning He led a train of defeated vanquished foes captive), AND HE BESTOWED GIFTS ON MEN. . . HE HIMSELF APPOINTED AND GAVE MEN TO US, some to be Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelists, some Pastors, and some Teachers; For the maturing of the saints for to do the work of the ministry and to build up the church.” Eph. 4:8-12

Book of Ephesians written by Paul. Has 2 prayers of His for the church to pray for themselves. It has Spiritual warfare revealed in it and armor of God available. At the very end of the book the Apostle of God reveals something vital for us to see.

          Here is the Apostle Paul. Highly educated man PhD of his day. Man of words. Deeply spiritual – visited 3rd heaven throne room of God. Started many churches, missionary, wrote 2/3rds NT, exercised many spiritual gifts, has had visitation of Jesus Christ personally. Yet here is revealing something critical for us to see.

“Please pray for me, that utterance may be given me,

that I may open my mouth boldly to proclaim boldly the mystery of the gospel. . . that I may declare it boldly and courageously as I have been assigned to do.”  Eph. 6:19-20 Amp.

          Paul was a man of words. He could preach/teach at the drop of a hat. He had loads of revelation, experience but here he is asking for “utterance may be given me” from God that he has not even thought of or known.

Here is a man sent by God with an assignment on his life from God. He has had tons of experience and firsthand knowledge about God but he is asking for people to pray for him to have utterance!

“Pray that Holy Spirit would have power over my intellect, and power over my voice, that Jesus would be glorified in a way that could not be done otherwise.” Wigglesworth.

The devil tries to hinder the preaching. Prayer for the speaker is needed to give freedom for God’s Words come through him/her.

Words from God flowing through the speaker bringing the river of Life of God and freedom!

Ill. Some great preachers had people called by God to intercede for them so that they could be effective with their calling.

Charles Finney – had intercessor Daniel Nash

Charles Spurgeon – D. L. Moody had over hundred in basement below the pulpit while he preached. When he stomped his foot that was a signal to intercessors below you better step it up a notch in prayer.

Paul knew and I know that the effectiveness in our calling lies not in our charisma, or skill in communicating but it lies in the hands of the people who know God have the weapon of prayer.

Ill. I saw a vision the other day. It was a person violently praying. They looked scary praying like they were cutting through and fighting invisible spiritual foes. Sometimes acting out like cutting through thick forest with machete. Other times digging trenches for the water of God to flow, so that the preacher could come in and preach swept up in the flow of God with words, utterance he received from God.

If there hasn’t been much prayer specifically for the preaching – then preaching is hard to do. You may be able to do some nice teaching but with a struggle feeling the hindrances and even witchcraft prayers against you. It is laboring and exhausted afterwards.
“Be alert and intent in your prayer life . . . pray for us that God may open a door of utterance to speak the mystery of Christ . . . as I ought to speak.” Col. 4:2-4 Amp.

Apparently the Apostle Paul is limited in what he can do until the church prays for him. But if they pray specifically a door will be open that is otherwise closed to them.

What will this open door give them access to?

          When Jesus ascended to Heaven He gave 5 speaking gifts for the church to access and to equip the church. Apostle, prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher. The Pastor can serve in all of these as needed.

Apostle – govern, P = guide, E = gather, P= guard, T= ground

PIC of 5 G network

Just happened to be reviewing some parts of my journal years back in 2009. I wrote about a dream I had. I saw myself as a chest of drawers.

PIC of Chest of Drawers - 5 fold gifts

Bottom drawer was calling as Pastor. Had a lot of teeth marks on it and was banged up. Next drawer up was teacher, evangelist, then smaller ones on top prophet and apostle. Few weeks ago Pam and I both got prophetic words from a proven prophet in Daytona Beach. We did not know it at first but later realized 18 years ago this same woman prophesied over us at channel 55 taping. There she stopped what she was doing and pulled us out of the audience for a prophetic word. It was recorded on TV so I had a VHS tape and pulled it out and listened to it again. Much the same as she had prophesied the other night, that there is both an apostolic and prophetic calling upon both of you. A fathering and mothering calling. Time to start moving in this calling to oversee people and launch some ministries.

-         None of us choose our calling or anointing. God chooses it. It is a high calling that you cannot reach by yourself.

-         Paul said to know no one after the flesh or just as a man, but to recognize and know them after the calling God has on them.

Ill. This is the man or woman that God has called to speak to me through and help me achieve my destiny in God. 
They are here

As an Apostle - to help me Govern my gifts and calling.

As Prophet – to help Guide my gifts and calling.

As Evangelist – to help me Gather the harvest of my life.

As Pastor – to Guard my life from the enemy.

As Teacher – to Ground my life in God’s Word.

Help me Govern, Guide, Gather, Guard, and Ground my life in God’s will for me.

-         All of us are called to pray – but some of you are assigned by God to intercede like Daniel Nash or those in the basement for Moody.

Ill. Apostle Paul preached in Damascus and a mob of angry people wanted him arrested. He escaped by night over the wall of the city hidden in a basket and lowered down to the ground by ropes. Maybe some of the people holding the rope thought, “I wish I could be used by God like Paul”. You may not be given a speaking gift to do that. But you are holding the rope for the man who was used by God to write 2/3rds of NT. Those holding his rope will get the same reward as he will.

-         Some of you have the gift of helps. You are called by God to hold the rope for me so that I can do what God has called me to do. Help me in spreading the gospel, help me succeed in what God has called me to do here and the ripple effect throughout the world. Help me broadcast over internet, or radio, or TV. Help me access the door that God will open if you pray. Hold the rope!

Pastor, I will hold the rope for you, so that you can do what God has called you to do for His church. I will pray for you that God give you:
R – Revelation for the hope God has for us (church).  Eph. 1:16 23
O – Open door of opportunities that only God can make happen. 
P – Powerful utterance (words from God through you to us).
E – Equipment (people, materials, favor) to accomplish God’s purpose.
Colossians 4:2-4,  Ephesians 6:19, Acts 9:25  
Those in the full time 5-fold ministry get attacked more and sometimes beat up by the enemy more than the average Xn. The Apostle Paul and the prophets did. Why?

Because one word from the appointed office speaking gift will light a thousand candles not just 100 or 200.

When you carry something from God that He intends for you to give to others to bless them – then somehow the devil knows this and puts a contract on your life to keep you from accessing and using this gift from God given you.

It is called,

“Possession with the intent to distribute.”

          Matthew 29:19-20

          If you have ever been arrested for drugs you understand this. This would be a great T- shirt.

 I have known for a long time that I am to be speaking to thousands beyond this immediate area.  But I don’t say that because it sounds like I am bragging about myself. That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is Pam and I cannot access this higher calling beyond this concentrated area, without the specific prayers and called intercessors to hold the rope for us. If this is your calling to help us, then you get the same reward. It works like this. We cannot reach this high calling of God without people praying for us. And the church will not benefit from the 5 –fold ministry gifts imparted to us unless we are prayed into that place by your specific prayers. 

Here is a picture of what I am trying to communicate. Apostle Peter was called by Jesus to preach the gospel. He went out and did this with a fair amount of success. But after Jesus ascended and told them all to wait together until the Promise of the Father comes. They were all in one accord in upper room praying for days and waiting as God said.

Day of Pentecost – fire and sound of wind – strange tongues – glorifying God – Preached stood up to preach spontaneously and 3000 saved. HE preached before this. This was not his first time but never had he seen results like this! This was supernatural.

          What happened was because the people had been praying – He was easily able to access this new office of Apostle and Prophet and he preached a prophetic word that rocked the world.

          He stepped into His higher office calling and the church was blessed and equipped to spread the gospel supernaturally throughout the whole world. He could not have done with without the church praying. The church could not have done this without Peter’s calling! It took both! Just as it does today.

That is why the super smart, talented, gifted, Apostle Paul says,

Pray for me that utterance be given me by God.

Pray for me that a door of opportunity will be opened by God.

This is why I am asking you to do that same thing for us. For now, we live on the front line and called to lead this church in every part of it’s ministry. I want us to move up and access the office calling and see this ministry soar into the supernatural lifestyle.

Concl: Cards printed with specific prayer target requests for us.

If you want one, some will be here on altar. You can start right now while you are answering the call to pray.