Lord, What Will You Have Me To Do?

Lord, What Will You Have Me To Do?

Ill. During soaking Alice Becraft read a devotional asking this question that just so happened to be the question I have been asking God for the last 6 months about various issues. So you can imagine this got my attention. Question comes from Apostle Paul just knocked off his donkey and struck blind by the Lord. He had been persecuting Christians thinking they were a cult. The Lord asks him a question, “Why are you persecuting Me?” He said, “Who are you Lord?” I am Jesus whom you are persecuting . . .” Lord, what will You have me to do?

-         We should all be asking this question and wait for His answer.

-         Jesus gives him his next step but w/o details. Paraphrase.

Paul was going to have to yield to God w/o understanding!

Yield means wait UNTIL I speak and tell you what to do.

-         3 days’ waits and still blind. Not told how long it will be!

W – willingly
A -   abiding
I   -   In
T -    trust

Will you trust Me and wait for Me to direct you?

Ill. At the same time this is happening God is dealing with man named Ananias – go to street Straight, Judas house, and pray for man named Saul/Paul for he is praying and has seen you in vision restore his sight. He obeys and Paul healed, filled with HS, baptized and started preaching all because both of these men were willing to ask God what will You have me do with my life? Then they yielded.

-         Waiting upon the Lord is yielding to Him. It is better to do one thing directed by the Lord than a thousand things just because you think you need to do them.

-         Waiting upon the Lord for direction may seem like a waste of time if you fear what people think about you. Ill. Remember King Saul and not waiting on Samuel to come offer the sacrifice and for fear of the people leaving King Saul offers the sacrifice which was not lawful for him to do.

Waiting upon the Lord instead of rushing ahead and doing something just for the sake of doing something really boils down to a trust issue with God. God’s ways often do not make sense to us.

Ill. Jesus’ habit was get alone with God early in the morning. This intimate place with the Father was the place all His ministry was born.

He constantly said, “I can do nothing of Myself . . . My aim is to do the will of Him who sent Me.” When He preached or taught He said, “The words that I say to you I do not speak as from Myself: It is the Father living in Me, who is doing the work.” John 14:10

Do I trust God?

Ill. Hymn: Have thine own way Lord. Lady Adelay Pollard was struggling with a what she thought was a call from God to go and be a missionary to Africa. She struggled to raise funds and it was just not happening, and this caused her great distress. One night in a prayer meeting she heard a woman pray, “Lord, it doesn’t matter what You bring into our lives – just have Your own way with us.” She went home that night and wrote, “Have thine own way Lord, have thine own way. Thou art the Potter, I am the clay.

Mold me and make me, after Thy will.

While I am waiting, yielded and still.

Yield sign

Yield because your road is merging into another. Other people may be involved. Wait where you are until you can move forward.

Ill. Lately I have been asking God – what’s next? Lord, what do You want me to do? I believe He said Wait. Wait for what? How long? He did not say.

The other day I was talking to the Lord and I quoted one of my life verses back to Him, Matthew 11:28. Then I said, Lord, I come to You and You said I would find rest, but I am still weary. What am I missing? Then He pointed out something to me that was a key missing ingredient.

Ill. You can be doing all the right stuff as a Xn – faithful, Bible, prayer, tithe, witness, but missing one key ingredient. What was it that I was missing? Then later I saw the answer in a scripture.

“. . . Jesus Christ, whom, having not seen, you love; and in whom, though you do not see Him now, you believe AND YOU REJOICE WITH JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL OF GLORY . . .”  I Peter 1:8

I was believing God and waiting on God but not rejoicing in God while I was not seeing Him. I found out at 61 times the Bible speaks about us rejoicing in the Lord. The most repeated command in the Bible is not a prohibition or a warning, but is a command to praise God and rejoice in God! Most of these times it is a command to praise or rejoice in God by faith even when at the moment you don’t see any reason to rejoice in God. For example;

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials of your faith . . .” James 1:2

God was showing me that one way the enemy will wear down the saints in the last days is when they are doing all the right stuff but not rejoicing, you will wear out. But if you will rejoice by faith in God, then you won’t wear out.

When I rejoice/give God thanks by faith while in the trial, then I am declaring God is already the winner of this trial.

When I am depressed I am declaring Satan is the winner of this trial.

This is why the Lord can command us to rejoice in the Lord always! We are enforcing the victory Jesus has already won! The Lord lives in us and we have His presence all the time in every trial we will ever face. Rejoicing is evidence that I truly believe God is with me and leading me to His victory.

Ill. Billionaire had a sign in his office for every employee to see on his desk. “You’ve got 10 seconds to get enthusiastic or get out of My presence!” The Lord has a right to tell us this too. 61 times He commands us to rejoice in the Lord regardless of what we are going through.

Ill. In 1980’s a man named Sam Behr with strong southern accent started making TV commercials selling tires. His approach was very direct and made him millions. “Hello neighbor, Tires (Tars) ain’t pretty. They don’t smell nice. They don’t make you feel good. But you got to have them. So you might as well come on down to Allied Discount Tire and buy tires fro me. Tires ain’t pretty, but you’ve got to have them. So come on down here and get your tars!

Hello Neighbor, Trials ain’t pretty, they don’t feel good, but you’ve got to have them. You might as well come on down here to My throne of grace and and release your faith with a shout of joy. Trials ain’t pretty but you gotta have them. Release your faith right now with me. Praise God, Glory to God, Hallujah, Thank you Jesus! (You had to be here a few weeks ago when something broke out to understand!)

-         You pull joy out by faith from your spirit. You already have it but now you have to use it by faith.

Preacher I did that and nothing happened! You don’t know that! If you really rejoiced by faith in God something did happen – you just don’t see it yet.

Ill. Jesus a the fig tree. One day Jesus walked by seeking some figs and found none and cursed it and the disciples heard Him. Next day walked by same tree and it was withered from roots! If God tells you to rejoice during the trial, then you can be sure something is happening.

Jesus said Have faith in God or literally Have God’s faith. Twice in Mark 11:23-24 Jesus says, “believe”.

-         Prophet lady speaking words over different people at Living Waters camp meeting. To me she simply said, “Just believe!” Let’s celebrate that!

Ill. Pic Bamboo tree

Plant Bamboo tree and water it one year no growth. 2nd through 4 years no sign of growth. Then suddenly 5th year it grows 80 feet in 6 weeks! Not really. It was 80 feet in 5 years. The truth is if you had not been persistent in watering and caring for it one – 4 years it would not have made it. There are times it appears nothing is happening. But if God says to rejoice in trials and rejoice always then something is happening under the surface. Do it by faith.

“Through faith and patience you inherit the promises.” Hebrews 6:12

ill. Elijah went upon mountain to pray for rain. The bible specifically mentions his posture in prayer. His face was between his knees. IT was like he is birthing something. He prayed and then sent his servant to look to see if any rain clouds appear. 7 times he sent to look. 7th time he said I see a tiny little cloud about size of man’s hand. Elijah said, “Praise God, glory to God, Hallelujah, thank you Yahweh”. Some people try to say Elijah prayed 7 times – no according to James 5 he prayed once but sent the servant to look 7 times. What was he doing the other times? Rejoicing. The only way you will not wear out or quit while waiting on God is by rejoicing while you are waiting.

Rejoicing is a key that was missing in my life. Maybe yours too. Rejoicing is an expression of your faith that will torment the devil and strengthen you in your inner man.

Concl: Remember joy is not an experience. It is the ground you already hold by faith if you don’t give it up and give in to depression. It has taken you a lifetime to get where you are today spiritually. Don’t lose that ground. Rejoice in the Lord now – don’t wait till you see your breakthrough. “This is the day the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Sometimes in focusing on your destination, you may forget the present moment is the time to rejoice.

“Yesterday is in the tomb,
Tomorrow is in the womb.
The only place you will
ever be is today!”