Finding, Following and Fulfilling God’s Will for Your Life

Finding, Following and Fulfilling God’s Will for Your Life

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

“Delight” = to be soft or pliable, create a sensitivity.

To delight ourselves in the Lord means seeking His will, putting Him first, making Him our first love and passion. Enjoying time alone with Him. Creating a romance between you and God.

-         Our flesh will fight against us. World will tempt us away.

1.    One of the ways God will lead us is by placing desires in our heart. But before we can trust our desires we first must be delighting in Him. The desires of our heart will not be the same as His, unless we are delighting in Him.

          When you are learning to hear from God, spend a lot of time in His Word, in worship, then it will not be hard to discern His will coming into your heart.

The Bible reveals there are 2 kinds of Christians:

Carnal – carne = flesh and world dominated mind

Spiritual – Spiritually minded

“To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace, for the carnal mind is hostile toward God. . .” Romans 8:6

You can’t trust the desires of your heart if you are carnal/worldly minded. You may be saved but you are being hindered by your fleshly and worldly ways and may not even know it.

If you are truly putting God first, then your desires are talking to you about things God wants you to do. God is talking to you about some things He wants to do in and through your life.

-         It may be something as simple as desire to help someone. Prepare a meal, write a letter of encouragement, send some money, mow a neighbors’ grass, whatever.

After this desire is in your heart, as long as you are putting God first then you can trust your desire and act on it. God is leading you but it will take faith on your part to follow His will. You are going to have to take some risks, get out of the boat, swing the bat, try! This is where life gets exciting.

-         So if your life has been boring then know you have not been following God’s will.

-         You were meant to know the joy of knowing God is using you in some way to make an impact on someone else! I guarantee you God has things this week HE wants you to experience like that!

If you are afraid and aren’t sure about something in your heart, then don’t go full steam ahead, move slowly, but just start doing something. I hope you can realize the HS is trying to stir you up tonight so you can reach your assignments this week.

2.    Another way God leads us to know His will is though His peace.

“Let the peace of God rule in your heart, to which you were also called; and be thankful.” 
Col. 3:15

          RULE = umpire, to govern or decide.

Ill. Umpire makes the final decision and there’s no debate.

God’s peace is in every born again spirit. We may not always experience that peace because we aren’t always living out of your spirit, and sometimes get caught up in emotions, but God’s peace is always inside our spirit as a means of guidance from God.

Ill. When in bible college Andrew was born in 2nd year of school and all we had was a pick up truck with one bench seat. With another baby coming we needed more room. Feeling the pressure that we had to have something and not waiting on God, we went and looked at cars at car lot, just to look! Next thing you know I was buying a car and signing a contract for high financing. My spirit did not have peace and was warning me, but I was stubborn and pushed this deal through because I reasoned I had to have this car and now. We bought the car.

-         For the next few years we struggled hard to make payments. I begged God for relief but in His mercy He helped me make payments but learn a valuable lesson.

-         Wait on God. If you don’t have peace don’t do it no matter what!

The number 1 rule of Discernment:

“Ain’t nothing wrong, but something ain’t right!”   Bob Mumford

I learned a valuable life lesson from that. God’s love for me remains the same whether I obey Him or not. But the blessing or hardship of my life depends upon me yielding to His leadership.

3.    To find God’s will we must learn not to base decisions upon our feelings. One thing that distinguishes an adult forma child is the fact that adults try not to base their decisions on how they feel.

-         We don’t feel like going to work but we know we need to.

PIC of Fact, faith and feelings. 

Emotions are like the caboose on a train, going wherever the train goes – yet determining nothing.

Feelings cannot be the determining factor, only truth. Until feelings are confronted with truth, feelings will continue to dominate and chaos will reign.

4.    Finding God’s will for your life will require action on your part.

Ill. Elijah the prophet was told by God there will be no rain for 3 years. He was told to go tell King Ahab and his wife Jezebel this news they would not like to here. Elijah was putting his life on the line to do this! But he obeys.

          After Elijah delivers the Word He gets another directive from God.

“Go hide thyself by the brook Cherith. Thou shalt drink from the brook and I have commanded the ravens to feed you THERE.”  I Kings 17:2-5

Here’s the point: God sent Elijah’s provision THERE – not where he was, but where God told him to go. Elijah would have to obey in order to get the provision of the Lord.

Ill. Similar to quarterback throws the ball to a receiver. He does not throw it where the receiver is, he throws it where the receiver is going to be – in front of the receiver.

God does not always send your provision to you. He sends it where He wants you to go. He might be leading you to start a new business and step out in faith. You won’t receive provision where you are now, you will see it there after you act on what He told you to do.

Ill. Our bible college experience was that way. The full provision was there – not back where we were in our bank account. We had to go there to get the provision.

Concl: The Lord is always leading us, but we need to be sensitive to Him and act on it.

Confession and prayer:

Thank You that You do provide me with guidance and direction in this life. When I delight myself in You, then I can trust You to put Your direction in my heart. Your Holy Spirit lives in me and guides me with Your peace so I can discern Your will. Thank You for my Holy Spirit Umpire Who is teaching me not to trust my feelings, but instead be led by Your truth. Finally, You have taught me tonight how to discern Your will by where You provide for my needs. You are leading me. My part is to delight myself in You, and follow Your lead so I won’t make a mistake.

Thank You for leading me to this teaching of Your truth tonight.
In Jesus’ name, Amen