Hosting the Presence of the Lord

Hosting the Presence of the Lord 2 Samuel 6

Intro: I want to talk to you today about our responsibility as a church to host or carry the Presence and ministry of Lord in our local community. You may think of church as the way God ministers to you and this is true, but today I want to point out our responsibility to minister to the Lord, something you may not have thought of.

          In OT times God led Moses to teach people how to worship the invisible God through types and symbols displayed in a wilderness tabernacle. PIC

The tabernacle tent and furniture was made to be portable and packed up and moved as the cloud of God moved. All the pieces of furniture represent some part of the character and ministry of JC.  The main one being the Ark of the Covenant.

PIC of ark

-         Chest made of wood covered with gold. Wood symbol of humanity. Humanity covered in divinity = Jesus

-         Lid or Mercy seat was 100 lbs. of pure gold, no wood = meaning the mercy was 100% God’s nature.

Inside the Ark covered by Mercy seat

10 Commandments

Gold pot of manna

Aaron’s rod

Why were these 3 things inside the ark covered by the Mercy seat?

Man rejected God’s 10 commandments

Man rejected/complained about God’s provision.

Man rejected God’s priesthood – Miriam, Aaron, Korah.

All this put in the ark and covered by God’s mercy. God wants to cover our rebellion with His mercy. “Let’s celebrate that!”

The ark was the place once a year on Day of Atonement the HP bring blood and sprinkle on mercy seat to cover people’s sins for another year. This ark was the center piece of worship of God for Israel. It represented the Presence of God with them. It was where the king would send a priest to find out directions or answers from the Lord.

During the time of Eli, the priests the Philistines captured the ark of God. Eli falls dead upon hearing the ark is captured and his sons are dead. Daughter in law goes into labor has baby boy and names him Ichabod – the glory has departed – because ark of God gone.

Ill. Put it in temple of the Philistine god called Dagon. Same god that Samson pulled down the pillars in his last act.

Every morning statue of Dagon found on floor face down before the ark of God.

Pic of Dagon

 Put it back in place and next day the same thing. One day on floor with head and hands chopped off. As if God was saying Dagon doesn’t have any wisdom (head) and doesn’t have any ability (hands) to help you – only Me. I don’t know if they ever got the picture! You don’t have to be a prophet to figure this one out!

God afflicted the Philistines with plagues of tumors and mice. They wanted to get rid of the ark sent it to another Philistine city and the same thing happened there. Now no one wanted it. So they sent it back to the border Hebrew village on a cart with milk cows to a town called Beth She mesh. The Jews there were so excited but later made a big mistake – they opened the lid to look inside which was forbidden and very irreverent – over 50k died. This caused such fear these Jews sent the ark to another city who said they would take it called Kiriath Jearim to the house of Abinadad, and they made his son Eleazar the priest to keep the ark of the Lord.

Here the ark sits for 20 years during time of King Saul. It should have been in Jerusalem but no one tries to move it. They become complacent with the way things are. For 20 years nothing seems to happen. After Saul dies and David becomes king, his heart wants the ark moved to Jerusalem.

“They loaded the ark of God on a new cart from the house of Abinadab. Uzzah and Ahio, sons of Abinadad were driving the new cart. Meanwhile David and the entire house of Israel were celebrating before the Lord with all sorts of instruments, harps, stringed instruments, tambourines, drums, and cymbals. When they came to the threshing floor, Uzzah reached out to take hold of the ark, because the oxen had stumbled. The Lord became angry and struck him down on the spot for his irreverence. David became angry and afraid of the Lord that day. David re-directed the ark to the house of Obed- Edom the Gittite. The ark remained at the house of Obed-Edom for three months, and the Lord blessed Obed-Edom and his entire household.”  2 Samuel 6:3-11

What was David’s big mistake?

Uzzah was the son of Abinadad – the man whose house kept the ark of God for 20 years. Maybe Uzzah became too accustomed to the Presence of God?

Familiarity breeds contempt. You get so use to something or someone that you begin to lose respect for them. How did these people so closely related to the most godly people in the Bible develop an attitude of contempt towards the Lord?

          Some suffered disappointment in life and blamed God.

 – Job’s wife lost her children – and maybe said in her heart – What use is God? Where is God when we need Him? Why serve God, it didn’t make any difference in my life!

Contempt – showing disrespect that something is worthless. Not honoring what you use to show honor to.

“Contempt of court”

Contempt is a deep hidden attitude of disrespect because you regard something is worthless. It leads to cynicism.

Ill. Job prayed a hedge around his family daily he said why.

“Lest they curse God in their hearts.” Where would the children of a godly man like Job ever learn to curse God? Probably Job’s wife who later said to Job, “Why don’t you curse God and die!” Cursing God is not necessarily profanity – it is contemptuous attitude of heart that God sees!

Job’s Wife was married to the most godly man on earth!

          Eli’s sons, Samuel’s sons, Uzzah, Michal the wife of King David all grew contempt and yet they were around godly people used by God!

-         Somehow they each began to regard things of God as useless. It’s not working. Nothing is changing. God is not helping us. It really doesn’t matter. Worshipping God hasn’t help you that I can see!  

-         You can grow weary in the service of God because of many things. Word weary is rooted in the word trouble that comes from people making trouble for you thus making you work harder – troublemakers! You get weary and lose heart.

“the oxen stumbled”   - sounds like an insignificant thing! There is nothing insignificant with God. He is in the details!

-         The oxen stumbled and Uzzah reaches out to keep it from falling. What was so wrong with that, that the Lord struck him dead?

First of all, the Ark was not being carried according to God’s specific instructions. Only priests were to cover items and carry on poles, never touching. If David and Uzzah and others read Bible they would have known this. Uzzah lived in his father’s house with ARK for 20 years and obviously did not take the time to know how to host the Presence of God.

-         The ark was to be carried on poles on shoulders of priests, much like you carry a celebrated champion.

-         PIC

-         A position of exaltation and honor. Our praise is to do this. We exalt God with praise.

Point: When you do things your way instead of God’s way, He does not help you! When you work – He will not help. 

Find out God’s way to do a thing and then He will help you.

The ark weighed 565 lbs. Heavy. When ark carried on poles on shoulders of priests God actually helped them. If He didn’t it would be too heavy for them.

Maybe this is why David put the ark on a cart. He is trying to help God and move things along. Maybe he saw this is how the Philistines moved the ark. But they were ignorant of God’s Word. The ox cart was not God’s way.

“The oxen had stumbled”

Oxen represent works

Uzzah = “my strength”

Uzzi machine gun is Israeli invention form name of Uzzah and uzzi means gun of strength. Pic

HS trying to show us something here. We must be careful not to try to mix God’s strength or ability with man’s arm of flesh.

When Uzzah died, David was angry and afraid. For the next 3 months he goes to the Word and figures out what he did wrong and finds truth. But during this time they are afraid to move the ark. People are afraid to be around it. Where are we going to put it they ask people? “Not at my place!”  There was a house of a Gentile man named, Obed-Edom. They asked if he would keep the ark in house and he said, “I’ll take it.”

Obed- Edom the Gittite from Gath (city of Goliath) – He is a Gentile, not in the covenant. For 3 months the Lord blessed Obed- Edom and all his house. David hears of this and now has figured out what he did wrong and brings ark to Jerusalem.

What was it that Obed- Edom did, that caused God to blessed him in materially, physically, spiritually?

Names in the Bible often reveal secrets if you search them out:

Obed = servant. 

Edom = red, blood.

“Servant of the blood.”

Obed- Edom, a Gentile, knew how to host the Presence of God!  Abinadab had the ark for 20 years in his house but scripture never says that God blessed him. In fact, Uzzah, his son died!

Maybe too familiar and lack of reverence? Abinadab a Jew would have known about blood sacrifices from Passover and Day of Atonement.

Obed- Edom must have heard or learned that God is a blood covenant keeping God. He learned like us about:

-         Eden when Adam/Eve sinned they tried to cover selves when God came. Their sin removed their glory covering God gave them. So they grab some salad and try to cover themselves.

-         To their horror God kills innocent animals in front of them. First time they ever saw blood and knew life is in the blood. God was teaching them holiness. He was teaching them love sacrifices. This blood spilt meant someone has been judged in your place. Your still here because of someone’s innocent blood.

You and I had a beating coming – but Jesus took it.

You and I had a whipping coming – but Jesus took that!

You and I had a cross coming – but Jesus took that!

Cain and Abel came to worship God. One brought blood and one brought salad. God blessed the one who came to Him God’s way. Cain refused to come God’s way – by blood.  

David’s first attempt to bring ark to Jerusalem = played all kinds of praise music and dance “with all their might”.

David’s 2nd attempt – He followed directions from the Word. He also must have learned from the example of Obed- Edom. David asked why was God blessing this man so much? He must have sacrificed a lot of costly blood sacrifices to God. God taught him life is in the blood. An innocent one gives his life blood to cover your sin temporarily, so you can continue to walk with God. 

Atonement – At – one – ment

“Every six paces David would sacrifice a bullock.”

Had a greater appreciation for the blood! Every 6 paces. Every 6 days we are back in this house of worship on the 7th to remember the blood.  It was the 6th hour that Jesus was on the cross.

-         Communion table – remember the blood

-         See cross outside on top of church as enter. Another cross in foyer as enter sanctuary, another lighted cross staring at you right now. Week after week we sing praises, dance, etc. but do we see the blood of God that He brought to this meeting?

What may be happening is we are becoming like Abinadab and Uzzah and getting too familiar with God and worship services! WE do the same thing week after week going through the motions and not getting more revelation about the blood that allows us here!

“The blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, CONTINUALLY cleanses us from all sin.”       I John 1:7 The Passion Translation

“So David, the elders, went to bring up the ark from the house of Obed-Edom with rejoicing. Since God helped the Levites who carried the ark of the covenant. . .” I Chronicles 15:26

God helped the Levites when they did His Work His way. God will help you and me when we do His work – His way.

Ist attempt there was a lot of praise and worship but no blood.

2nd attempt praise and worship with trail of blood. A whole new appreciation of the blood. Every 6 paces stop and sacrifice an innocent animal AND CELEBRATE THE BLOOD FOR 7 MILES! Trail of smoke from burnt offerings and trail of blood. Our God is a blood covenant God.

David danced before the ark in praise to God. Last time we see dancing as worship it was Miriam, Moses sister leading the women to dance after coming through Red Sea. Now David the king lays aside his kingly robe and puts on linen Ephod (Priestly robe) and dances like a wild man before the ark.

True worship requires that you forget about yourself and what others think of you. You are ministering to the Lord first and foremost.

Ill. That is one reason I choose not to sit on the platform during worship. I take off my pastor robe and put on my priestly robe to minister to the Lord myself. There will always be people who despise you when you worship God!

-         David enters city dancing and praising God and his wife Michal later criticized how foolish he looked. She became barren and never had a child. Point is ritual and religion will never produce life, only true worship will.

Concl: What ever happened to Obed-Edom? When David came and moved the ark to Jerusalem, Obed Edom and all his family got up and moved too! Wherever God goes is where we are going.

David made him and his family a door keeper to the tabernacle of worship. “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the house of the wicked.” Psalm 84:10

 Jesus called Himself the Door to the sheepfold. A sheepfold does not have a door on hinges. A door keeper would stand there and only allow the right sheep to enter in.

It’s like this for us. Jesus is the Door. We come to Him and want into His fold. He asks, “Do You realize, believe in and appreciate My blood making you able to be here?” Do you believe it was only because of the blood?

Only one part of your body is called a door by the Bible?

“Keep watch over the door of my lips” Proverbs 12:18

You are the doorkeeper. “If you confess with mouth…”

          Jesus will apply His blood over your life, house and you will be saved. What a deal? Let’s celebrate that!

Many in church do not feel they qualify to ask God for things like healing, blessing. You don’t realize believers are kept constantly clean before God according to I John 1:7. His blood continually cleanses us and we are in continual wash cycle. It is not based on your works or walk but only on the blood.