Worship God

Worship God
Job chapter 1

 Intro: Gentile named Job who worships God. It is not a worship service you would want to attend. On the worst day of his life, in one hour his income, and his children are all taken away without warning. His response shocks everyone, especially the devil.

“Job stood up, tore his robe, and shaved his head. He fell to the ground and worshipped. . . he did not accuse God of wrongdoing.”  Job 1:20-22

Worship is only one thing. It is extreme submission to God from experiencing extravagant love from God.

“extreme submission” -  yes it is extreme because it is rare even in the church, to see people submit to God without any strings attached. Look at Job – isn’t that rare?

When you meet a true worshipper of God you know it within minutes of being in their presence. Like it was said of Peter and John, “When they saw the boldness of them they knew they had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13. They carry confidence of God with them.

They are so rooted and grounded in God that they become panic proof. When disaster strikes they do not change their song or their worship of God. They are anchored in God. True worship will do this:

The life of Christ will be released deep inside you, and the resting place of His love will become the very source and root of your life.”  Ephesians 3:17 Passion translation

Another version points out 2 things will happen when you truly worship God in truth:  

1.     You will become “Rooted in His love” – unmoved by circumstances and content in every circumstance.

Rooted – put down roots that go deep. Shallow believer hears and receives Word gladly but no deep roots. When persecution arises (from devil) because of having the Word – they fall away.

2.    You will become “grounded in His love” –unshakeable by situations that come up suddenly and unexpected.

 Grounded – electrical term – not shocked by sudden unexpected situations. Job’s children suddenly all killed! It shocks him but because he is grounded in love it does not kill him. Job worshipped God!

Worship = surrendering your life circumstances to God because you see the worth of God.

Ill. When we praise God with song and dance we are exalting Him on our shoulders. This takes time and humility. During praise time at church I almost sense a wrestling match is going on with God and the people. God is trying to get us to go a little deeper, little longer, little more intense, come on!

Satan has deceived the church to focus on praise rather than worship. Praise is to be the vehicle to lead us to worship that surrenders to the will of God.  

          Ill. When Andrew was a little boy I would wrestle with him. I wanted him to not quit but keep on. I would push him to the limit and then at just the right time I would let him pin me to the floor and win. I was winning when I wrestled with him and let him win.

Most people want a praise service but not a worship service. You don’t have to be in the Spirit for a praise service. But to have a worship service you have be in the Spirit.

Like John on the Isle of Patmos was suddenly in the Spirit.

Steve Swanson song: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me say. Come on up, Come on up. Come on up, I want to show you some things.”

But when we worship we “Come up” into another zone, another dimension, in His Presence, in His glory and all we can do is fall at His feet as dead.

He touches something in us that needs to die in His Presence. “The end of yourself is the beginning of God.” A good place to be.

-         Maybe how you use charm and manipulation to get your way.

-         Your craving to be noticed and valued by men.  

          With Isaiah He touched his mouth with a hot coal – purified words

          With Jacob He touched hip - cripples to lean on God.

 When you encounter God in worship you don’t come out the same way you went in.

ill. God sees everything we are doing today. All the stuff we do we consider is worshipping God. I imagine an arch angel beholding God’s serious look and saying, “Lord what are You staring and shaking Your head at? God says, “I am watching my kids play.” Lord, what are they playing? They are playing church again.”

          Ill. When I was little boy I made a church in my backyard. Cinder blocks were seats, and two cinder blocks were my pulpit. I had 2 neighborhood friends that were members. Little did I know my mom and dad were listening through the open window in the house. They sat as I was preparing to preach to them. I said, “First of all we are going to sing then I will preach.” One of my members spoke up and said, “Gary we don’t do church like that, we are Catholic.” I had no idea of what a Catholic was but because I am the preacher, like Peter I spoke when I had no idea of what I was saying. Trying to answer his protest that he was Catholic I responded, “It doesn’t matter if your black or white – you still gotta love God.”  

-         This was my first church service. I think God was laughing and said, “that’s My boy! He’s not very smart but I can use him!”

There are only 2 attitudes one can have before God:

1.    Contempt – hidden in our hearts we hold back/block worship because we find it hard to trust God for some reason.  

Maybe He did not stop this when He could have. He let my loved one die. These are unspoken grievances. Outwardly we would say that we don’t feel that way but inwardly it is a blockage that keeps us from worshipping God with total surrender because we are not sure we fully trust God – He may hurt us and you would be right!

You protest at me saying the God might hurt us but it is true.

Andrew told me something that made me think. He said, Dad, truth hurts! I said no truth frees us. He said Dad that’s true but the truth can first hurt us before it frees us.

Ill. Surgeon has to hurt you in order to free you from a ruptured appendix.

Jesus hurt people by telling them the truth; Why did people hate Jesus? Because the truth hurt them. He hurt them with the truth. They were phonies, hypocrites, a bunch of white washed tombs. How’s that for a church growth strategy! Most got ticked but maybe one or two got over getting angry and let the truth sink in. “I am a hypocrite. I am just a religious person who is not changing to become more like Jesus. I am still just as mean as ever, I still go to my addictions as idols to deal with my pain, I still am just like I’ve always been and yet I say I changed. Not really.”

          The truth that hurts you is the truth that heals you!

Truth hurt Paul when he got knocked off his donkey and heard Jesus say, “What are you doing persecuting Me?”

Truth hurt you when someone told you the gospel. You are going to hell not because of all the sin but because you refuse God’s only way of salvation, by His Son’s blood.

Truth hurt David. That must have really hurt! But it helped.

-          He repented before God.

-         Nathan the prophet told David the baby would die. David repented, fasted, prayed, wept saying, “who knows the Lord may be gracious.” But the baby still died. Once he realized the child was dead he got up washed, anointed himself, changed clothes, ate a meal and

“Then he entered the house of the Lord and worshipped.”  2 Samuel 12:20

Truth had to hurt him – reveal the sin that was blocking him from worshipping to be able to surrender the outcome to God.

The other attitude that we should all desire to have before God is

2.    Worship – that does not hold back anything.

“He fell to the ground and worshipped.” Job 1:20

Don’t think this is just an emotional breakdown because of his loss. HE would have just fallen to the ground if that was the case. People who don’t know God well may fall to the ground in times of bad news and fall to pieces in sorrow. This is deeper, He fell to the ground AND WORSHIPPED. This is written so we can know what worshipping God is all about.

Worship involves falling to the ground before God.

“Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. Cast all your care upon Him, because He cares for you.”  I Peter 5:6-7

“He fell to the ground and worshipped.” To fall means to lose control! Note that losing control is preliminary to worshipping God.

-         Isaiah and John both saw the Lord in glory and fell as dead men before Him.

-         True worship is when we become as dead men. Die to ourselves, our opinions, our expectations and finally see His worth.

-         Job was not overwhelmed with bad circumstances He saw God’s greatness and his small-ness at the same time.

Do you see what worshipping God is all about? It is bowing all the circumstances of my life and the outcomes into His hands and backing up in awe and beholding Him who is the Almighty God.

 Worship is the overwhelming response to the awesome invisible God.

The first mention of worship in the Bible is Abraham going to offer Isaac. “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.”

Genesis 22:5 | NIV

Abraham had the revelation that whatever I surrender to God comes back to me. Whatever I keep from God is taken from me. God gives us something to sacrifice to Him.

Do you think this was the first time Abraham sacrificed things to God? There are a lot of little sacrifices made before you are called to sacrifice your Isaac. You are not going to sacrifice your Isaac if you haven’t been making the daily required smaller sacrifices.

-         You are not likely to sacrifice 5k when HS prompts you if you don’t obey HS and give 5 dollars to a homeless person.

-         Your tithe is not a sacrifice. He gives to you and teaches you the first part is His so you learn to let go and trust Him. He starts with teaching us using the smallest things like money. Money is the least thing in the KOG.

World’s values  
1.    Money
2.    Health|
3.    Success
4.    People

Kingdom values
1.    People
2.    Successful life
3.    Health

4.    Money

It’s the daily little sacrifices that the voice of God whispers you to sacrifice to Him for His sake that are your daily tests from heaven. Most people don’t recognize them as from God.

Most people will never be called upon by God to sacrifice their Isaac, because they haven’t passed the little tests first. What is your Isaac? Different things to different people.  

Ill. One day a lady came into a diner party uninvited. The room was filled with all the big shots and religious leaders of the day. Jesus is reclining at the table talking with others and she in an unassuming manner trying not draw attention to herself begins to weep trying to hold back the noise. Big drops of tears wet His feet and she quickly wipes them away with her hair. Suddenly she breaks open an expensive alabaster box filled with ointment that is extremely rare. The fragrance quickly fills the room and people are drawn to see what she is doing. She anoints His feet like a priest would anoint something. This is a holy moment. No one but Jesus and her know what this is about.

This seems so intimate that it should be private, behind closed doors and not out in public like this. But God let this private intimate moment of worship be written for us to read about.

The point is: Worship creates intimacy with God. It goes behind the closed doors into the secret chambers and turns the lights on where it is dark.

Ill. A friend has a daughter who had a lot of scars on her body multiple surgeries from scoliosis in spine, kidney surgeries and some surgery on her leg and upper back and neck.  She got married and on her wedding she did not want her husband shocked by seeing all the scars on her body for the first time. She was afraid it would ruin their intimacy. He discerned she was afraid for him to see her for the first time and see all her scars. In their bedroom chamber he turned on all the lights that she had dimmed. What are you doing? He said I want you to know how much I love you. I want to kiss every scar on your body. Scars are reminders that something bad happened here. She was so afraid of intimacy because of her scars. But intimacy means uncovering everything – even your scars, being real, transparent with God.

If worship is one thing – it is intimacy like no other.

          The Lord wants you to come into His secret place with only you and Him. He wants to turn on all the lights. He wants you to relax and know He sees all the scars where bad things happened. As you become real and raw and transparent with Him, He kisses all those places you have been hurt, or ashamed. He sees all those scars on your soul. All the places you’ve been hurt.

HE does not remove the scars. They serve as good reminders. Jesus has scars. Now if you want to – you can come very close and kiss His scars that were made for your freedom.

Okay Pastor, I want to worship like Abraham and like this woman who gave the alabaster box. How do I begin? What does God want me to give Him that will be an act of true worship? It is something everybody already has and is capable of giving to God today. What is it? It is the sacrifice God clearly says He wants us to bring to Him today.

“Beloved friends, what should be our proper response to God’s marvelous mercies? I encourage you to surrender yourselves to God to be his sacred, living sacrifices. And live in holiness, experiencing all that delights his heart. For this becomes your genuine expression of worship.”

Romans 12:1 The Passion Translation

Concl: Be real – worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Worship God.