There Is A River!

There Is A River!
Psalm 46

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, will not- we fear, THOUGH

4 times the word “though” describes something that would cause fear in most people, but it does not cause fear in us. Then the word,

SELAH = stop and think about that.

3 sections of Psalm 46 divided by the word Selah.

Milk = verses 1-3  

Meat = verses 4-7

Strong meat = verses 8-11

Each section emphasizes a growing awareness of God’s Presence which enables us to live in quiet confidence whatever comes our way.

We have been on milk we are told to believe God’s presence with us even though He is invisible. If we do believe w/o seeing Him, we  become fearless in this life. This is the milk babies are fed. It is the first fundamental teaching of faith to trust God is with us. He will be to us what we need – refuge in the storm, strength when we are weak, a very present help in trouble.

Today we are called to go deeper and believe something is happening even though we don’t see or feel it. 4 words declare truth we cannot see or most of the time feel.

“There is a river.” Psalm 46:4

The river represents the life of God.

PIC of River

God has always had a river.

Garden of Eden had a river divided into 4 rivers. Ill. Bar b-que.

Ezekiel saw it in a vision and wrote about it in Ezk 47.

-        He described it coming out of the Temple of God. Life flows in abundance out of worship. Worship is not music but music can be used to worship God.

John in revelation saw the river coming out of the throne of God.   

Jesus told us about it – rivers – springs – wells that are invisible.

Psalmist in Psalm 1 said we need to be lie a tree planted by rivers of water and our roots getting constant renewal from the river.

Everyone say out loud. “There is a river!”   

The Lord is the source of this river.

“God is in the midst of her”  Psalm 46:5

One thing different about a river from a lake is a river is going somewhere. It’s going somewhere. The life of God is not stagnant but is going somewhere and He would like you to flow with Him.

-        Jer. 29:11 Your life is to be going where God has planned!

“There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the Holy place, of the tabernacles, of the Most High.”  Vs 4

There are streams branching off from this river of God that go into all the earth. The result is the city of God rejoices over this.

I am looking at the streams now. Everyone born of God’s Spirit has the river in them and as you go out into the world and share Jesus this stream of God reaches into all the world.

This is not automatic. The stream flows and make the city of God glad when you obey HS in you and flow with Him in ministering as He leads you. Ill. Food ministry we have is awesome. Very proud of all workers. But if we only give out food then we are no different from a government agency who give out food. But when we put a gospel tract or take time to minister Jesus to people this makes glad the city of God!

Why because the streams from the river of God are flowing into new territory. A river is always going somewhere. God has plans for your life to go somewhere HE has in mind.

-        What if you don’t want to go where He has planned for you to go? You have free will but He will not give up on you.

“The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord, AS RIVERS OF WATER; HE TURNS IT TO ANY PLACE HE WILL.”  Proverbs 21:1

          ill. How does a river change course. Only 2 of the 4 rivers that were in Eden still exist today where we believe Eden was located. How did that happen? How does a river that was once over here change it’s course.

Change happens through time and pressure.

          God changes people’s hearts through time and pressure. This is why prayer is so important. HS knows how to reach someone. Life is better when we flow with the river of HS rather than resist the river!  

What does it take to flow with the river of the Holy Spirit?

1.   You have to become a river bed.

Ill. Pam and I with Alice Becraft and it was talked about becoming a river bed for HS to be able to flow through.

2.   Trust God and go with the flow.

Ill. Whenever there has been a revival of God it only lasted until man tried to control it. There is a reason that the ark that God had Noah build did not have a rudder!

God wants to take us into new places we don’t even know exist! He wants to give us experiences that we don’t even know how to ask for! But to get there we will have to lay aside our reasoning, our analytical mind, and allow Him to take where He wants our lives to go.

          Ill. Ezekiel saw this river in a vision and one part he describes part of it as ankle deep, knee deep, hip deep, then over your head.

3.   Don’t despise small beginnings.  

God often chooses little places, little things, little people to bring His glory like Bethlehem, Nazareth we would not even know about except God choses to do big things there. Wildwood, Florida qualifies!

-        God will use this church to host a worldwide revival if we all will become a river bed, and trust God and go with the flow and leading of HS and not try to control God.

The life God has planned for us is all about following where He is going and what He is doing.

#1 question people ask is, “How can I discover God’s plan for my life?”

“The two most important days of your life are day you are born, and the day you find out why.”  Mark Twain

Most people want to fill a need in the world and that is not bad but it is just the world’s needs are endless. We want assignments from God and God will give those from time to time. The answer to what does God want me to do with my life is not necessarily an assignment. The answer to what does God want me to do with my life is a relational one not an assignment.

          Ill. If God gave you a life assignment you would run off and do it without Him. Instead the life He has planned for you is always about flowing with Him and doing what He is doing now and saying the same thing He is saying.

Ill. When people get frustrated over not know what God would have them do with their life – the best thing for them to do is leave them alone with God. After they have spent time alone in worship or soaking music and bathing in how much god loves them or how good God has been to them - - - then they can begin to hear God talk about what is next for their life.

What makes God glad? What make the city of God glad?

“the streams make glad the city of God,”  Psalm 46:4

When you flow with God’s river inside you leading you step by step and day by day you are fulfilling your destiny and pleasing God. He will make divine connections for you.

          Some days may not be so exciting and may not look like you are being led by God. Today it may be caring for your family. Another day it may be serving as a missionary to a foreign country.

          When kingdom assignments end – we don’t lose our identity, because our identity is not tied to what we do – our work does not define us.

Our identity is becoming a river bed so the HS river can flow through every part of my life and bring life wherever He leads me.

Concl: There IS a river. It is real. Your first experience of the river is when you are born of God’s Spirit and HS brings Himself inside your body to make it God’s temple.

Has that happened to you? Are you sure? If not let’s ask Him in.

Many have the river of HS in them – saved but not allowing the river to flow. Instead built dams of resistance around the river.

-        Break up those dams of resistance. Stop telling God what He needs to do and surrender to His will and let Him lead.


Ill. Back before Medicare and health insurance people would go to the church to get prayer for healing. We hear of greater miracles happening today in India and Africa simply because all they have is faith. The same God available there is available here!

I just came here today to tell you 4 words.

There IS a river!