Hope: Becoming Unstuck

Hope: (becoming unstuck)  


Do you ever feel stuck in life? Stuck in a job you hate. Stuck in a situation that seems to have no solution. Stuck in an environment you can’t change?

Feeling like you are stuck in life is a symptom of an un-renewed mind. Feeling stuck is a symptom the enemy has been whispering to your mind his thoughts and you have been meditating on them.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

If you think your stuck, you are in your mind. Your mind needs to be re-set. Ill. Ever get a song in mind and it won’t stop playing = mind stuck.

You try to sleep, your body is tired but your mind is replaying a conversation = your mind is stuck and needs to be re-set.

          January is usually the highest month of suicides – people feel hopeless. A view that there is no hope for their life.

It is impossible for a child of God to be without hope in this life. But it is possible for a child of God to believe they are without hope in this world.

Ill. True story of Elijah the prophet and his servant. The King of Aram was frustrated because every time he planned a raid Israel was waiting for them. Who is leaking intel? His advisors told him that Elijah was a prophet who would hear the kings plans and would warn his king. The king said, “Let’s kill this man”. He ordered an army to go get Elijah. Early the next morning Elijah’s servant goes out side and sees the whole Aramean army surrounding Elijah’s house. He panics and tells Elijah.

Elijah is calm, peace, and rest (CPR) and says, “Don’t be afraid. There are more with us than with them.

-         2 guys same situation. One sees things from an elevated position with God and the other sees things in the natural.

Then Elijah prayed a prayer that is so important God recorded in the Bible for us. 8 words that we can pray:

“Lord, open his eyes that he may see.” 2 Kings 6:17

          God opened his eyes and saw a host of chariots fire and warrior angels surrounding Elijah and his servant.

Why did Elijah see what his servant did not see?           

          How can I learn see like this?  You have to intentionally change your view of your circumstances to think like God thinks. If you are not sure how He thinks about something – ask Him.

 God answered his prayer and let his servant see the same thing.

          His POV enabled him to have the same CPR Elijah had.

          He immediately changed from hopeless to confidence.  

When the Arameans attacked Elijah he prayed, “Lord, strike them blind.” They came to Elijah and did not recognize him! He told them they were in the wrong city and he would lead them. They followed him 40 miles to Samaria into the city where the king of Israel and his army surrounded them. Then he prayed, “Lord open their eyes.” The did and realized they were captured. King of Israel said to Elijah, “Shall I kill them?” No feed them and send them back to their king. He did and Aram never bothered Israel again.

It would be a good idea to ask God to open our eyes to see our circumstances from His POV.

Things are not as they appear.

We are not out numbered. We are not without hope, We are not under the circumstances. We are not failures, losers. We are not doomed, condemned, cursed. Things are not impossible. There is hope.

There is more for us than against us. We are already in victory, Jesus always leads us into triumph, we are already healed, we are already overcomers! We are already predestined to be comformed to the image of His Son. That is God’s predetermined plan for us. I agree with Paul who said, “I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angles, principalities or any other created thing is able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ.”

We know all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Do you believe everything I just said is true!

So, what’s the problem?

Maybe the real problem is, we need to pray that our eyes be opened to see our circumstances the way God sees them.

That is exactly what the Apostle Paul thought.

Paul prayed for Christians to have their eyes opened to 3 things:

“I pray that the eyes of your heart be enlightened (opened) that you may know the hope of His calling and what are the riches of His glory of His inheritance among the saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of His power towards us who believe. . .”  Eph. 1:18

Break it down into 3 things we need to have our eyes opened to:

1. The hope of His calling for you.     HIS  PLANS

Wed night Bible teaching class here learned God’s #1 goal is to make us like the Father, Son, and HS. “Let us make man in our image. . .”

2. His inheritance for you now,       HIS PURPOSE

All fruit of Spirit is God’s nature and likeness manifesting in your life now. Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy your inheritance now.

3. The greatness of His power.           HIS POWER

 Satan wants you to doubt the greatness of God’s power and never encounter it or even be in a church that believes in it.

This will require a new mindset. This mindset God wants you to have starts from a place of victory in every situation. You never strive for victory you start there.

Hopelessness is a stronghold or mindset that is ungodly and can kill you it is certainly destroying God’s plans for you now. It can keep you from going forward in life.

Ill. Weights at gym. Trainer put on my weights on machine than I ever thought to try. I did not believe I could do it. My mind was set that I would fail. He coached me and I did better than I ever thought. This re-set my mind to a higher level.

How can you get your mind unstuck?

1.    Re-set your mind.

 “The mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6

How can you tell what your mind set is? Listen to your words.

Your words are activating life and peace or death.

Elijah had his mind set on the Spirit and was calm in adversity, peaceful and at rest = LIFE and PEACE is a sign of the mind set on the Spirit.

His servant had his mind set on things on the natural and was fearful, anxious, and restless = death

What has your mind been set on lately?

“Set your mind on things above, not on the things of the earth.” Col. 3:2

You control this! You set your mind anywhere you want to. Your mind is under your authority.

Thanksgiving and rejoicing are ways we are intentionally re-setting our minds to His higher level of thinking, to things above.

1.    If you do not intentionally daily give thanks and rejoice – your mind will default to be negative. Re-training and re-setting your mind will take effort and training on your part.

Ill. Take time for soaking saturated worship, giving thanks, praise and rejoice in God alone! Ill. When you were a child your imagination was highly creative. Every child is an artist, singer, actor, and creativity flows freely through children. Then your mind began to grow old and you stop using your imagination so much. God wants us to tap into this creativity part of us that has been lying dormant.

The Hebrew word for meditate is to imagine.

Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 1:2 calls us to use our imagination with God’s Word.

If you have been depressed, worried, dreading something in your future then you definitely know how to meditate and use your imagination for evil purposes – try using this same tool for your good.  

-         Ill. Imagine yourself doing what Psalm 100 tells us – to enter His gates with thanksgiving and enter into His courts with praise.


What if your dream has been shattered? What if what you were hoping for never happened? Everyone has these type of things.

It is possible you had the wrong hope to begin with.  

Don’t worry if you think this is what you have done.

God is a genius at getting us unstuck and going the right direction.

          The place to begin is today – now. Begin with

Repentance = change your mind, thinking!

          We all need to repent of something today. If you been saying your stuck – repent of saying that and thinking that. You are not hopeless.

          I Thes 5:8 calls hope the helmet of salvation. Your mind was created to house God’s thoughts. But the fact that scripture tell us to put on the helmet of salvation is telling us our mind will be under attack and we must protect hope from being stolen from us.