The Tabernacle: Presenting Jesus

The Tabernacle: Presenting Jesus

This month is feast of Tabernacles on next Sunday October 13 through Sunday, Oct 20. Known as feast of booths. It is a reminder that God is a great provider and will Shepherd His people through their wilderness.

Personally I believe Jesus was born during the feast of Tabernacles rather than December 25th. God became man and dwelt among us.

“The Word (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among us . . .” John 1:14

“dwelt” = tabernacle among us

Grace Tabernacle – Jesus dwells in the place of freedom and grace.

This week I have tweaked our Mission Purpose statement to add the word “free”.

Our purpose: Presenting Jesus, the revelation of grace and truth that sets people free.

Free to live the life God intends for you to live. Freedom from religious legalism and bondage to man’s traditions and expectations. Free to do what you know you should do. Free to exercise the spiritual gifts and to worship God the way you know you should.

Not every ministry or every church is presenting Jesus! Some are presenting themselves or to make a place for themselves. But if you make your focus to lift Jesus up – present Jesus then God will help you, and give you strength, long life, resources you need. 

In time of Moses, God gave Moses a vision and instructions to build a wilderness tabernacle. But in Moses Tabernacle you could not come into holy of holies. No one with a blemish or sickness or crippled could come in. Only a Levite priest and then you would have go bring burnt offering and wash hands and then if you remembered you did some sin – stop and go back and offer burnt offering and wash hands – why? Because it required holiness –

God gave specific instructions to Moses about how the 12 tribes would camp around the tabernacle. If you had an aerial view of the encampment it would look like this:

OT Tabernacle Pic encampment like a cross .

Song: Jesus be the center of my life. Jesus be the center of my life.

In everything I say, in everything I do, Jesus be the center of my life.

Jesus be the center of my life, Jesus be the center of my life.

Throughout my every day, Help me know Your way.

Jesus be the center of my life.

Through neglect of the people of God, the wilderness tabernacle was destroyed by the Philistines. They captured the ark of God but sent plagues and they soon released it.

The ark represented the Presence of God!


The ark sat in a man’s house for 20 years! It represented the Presence of God! King Saul was Israel’s first king but he did not have a heart for the presence of God. For 20 years the ark of God was in Israel but Saul had no desire for it and left it . Saul did not want God to be the center of life for the people – he wanted himself to be the center!

God rejected Saul as king and found a man after His own heart to be king.

When David became king he moved the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem to be the center of life. The ark represents the Presence of God and David heart was for God’s Presence to be the center of everything the people of God do.

Today if you have the desire to present Jesus into everything you do, to lift up Jesus, using your talent, your time, your life -  then you have a heart like David and there is no limit to what God will do in your life!

          When David brought the ark to Jerusalem he made some radical changes that many people did not like. His heart was for people to experience God through freedom. His heart was in agreement with God’s heart!

There was no outer court, inner court. It was just a tent covering the ark and people could see the ark – it was not hidden behind a veil.

What changed? Freedom to worship God for yourself!

Pic : Tabernacle of David 

        David had God’s heart and revelation of worshipping God. It was with celebrative praise and singing, and everyone could come near God – even people with issues, sins, problems! This was radical!

Over 16 years ago God called me to be the founding Pastor of GT.

          Why did God chose me? The only reason I can give you is I had and still have a heart like His.

I love helping people experience Jesus for the first time. I love sharing the gospel with them like I had shared with me. I love to see people

Experience intimacy with God during worship and at this altar.

          Ill. When you come to church the worship leader is trying to get you closer to God – close enough to kiss Him. But some of you are afraid to get that intimate with God publicly. Instead let someone else kiss Him.

It’s like you have a girlfriend or wife and you tell your friend to kiss them for you because you are not ready. Are you crazy! It should make you angry that someone else besides you can get close enough to God to kiss Him. I want you to get free!

That’s my heart pure and simple.

This is why our mission purpose statement is now:

Presenting Jesus, the revelation of grace and truth that sets people free.

How will we accomplish this?







There is a unique mission for us and I need everyone on board. In the next few week I will be unfolding a vision. Can I count on you?