Activate The Blessing

Activate The Blessing

I read this past week this scripture and thought about what my own eyes have seen. When God said this about Israel it was desert.

“the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose, it shall blossom abundantly.” Isaiah 35:1-2

          For thousands of years the land of Israel was just a parched no man’s land. Yet God declared this is what the land of Israel will be.

Today is is a rich and plush garden landscape that exports citrus fruits, diamonds, petroleum, minerals from the dead sea, tourism.

          Israel is a sign to the world that God can take a desert wasteland that no one sees any value in and make it something great!

          His specialty is taking people that no one sees any value in and making them into something great. He is genius at this!

“God . . . calls those things that do not exist as though they did.” Romans 4:17

He wants us to be like Him in this regard.

The Bible calls the saints kings and priests of God here on this earth. Kings and priests declare things with their authority using words.

The first thing God blessed in creation was man. During 6 days of creation God pronounced what He made as good. But man and woman He blessed so they would be able to impart the blessing.

God blessed them and said to them,

-         Be fruitful = be productive

-         Multiply = increase

-         Replenish = fill and restore

-         Subdue = rule, bind and loose

They had the power to rule over the earth because they had the blessing! This blessing can be stolen!

Ill. Remember Jacob and Esau? Esau had the blessing but did not appreciate it. His twin brother deceived him into giving the blessing to Jacob. Later Esau felt robbed!

In the same way Satan, a fallen angel came to earth to meet Adam and Eve. What was he after? We know he came to steal something Adam and Eve had. The blessing – the power to rule the earth.

-         Be fruitful = be productive, successful  

-         Multiply = increase, make disciples

-         Replenish = fill and restore with God’s Presence

-         Subdue = rule and have dominion

You know what happened. By deception he stole their blessing.

 Now the blessing was in Satan’s power!

Like everything does, Satan perverts or twists the blessing into a curse – the exact opposite of what the blessing was to be.

Perversion – to twist something from what it was intended to be into the opposite.

Ill. Bible in Job and Isaiah and Psalms and Amos about a creature that is dragon like and serpent like called Leviathan. Kind of like a crocodile that creeps upon prey while hidden in water and attacks suddenly twisting it’s under the surface till it drowns.

          This describes a work of Satan who perverts or twists God’s words and our words. I have seen demonic spirits like this that twist my words from my mouth and before it gets to your ears you hear something the opposite. A leviathan demonic spirit is usually operating in every breakup of relationships, churches, marriages.

So now the blessing is in Satan’s hands and like everything he gets his hands on – he perverts or twists it to the opposite of what was intended.

The perversion of the blessing

Be fruitful = be unfruitful

Multiply = kill, destroy, abortion

Replenish = destroy and keep from replenishing

Subdue = Satan subdues man’s power to subdue

With the blessing in his hands Satan rules the earth where man was suppose to.

 Satan is called the “prince of the power of the air.” He did not get this position until after he stole the blessing.

The “air” is the 1st heaven or atmosphere around the earth. Satan and his demon work mostly invisible stealth mode in the atmosphere around you. Three heavens mentioned in the Bible.  

          God already had a plan to get the blessing back into the hands of man.

Jesus (God) came as a man, called the second Adam, to bring back into order the way the way He intended the first Adam to rule and reign.

“And you, being dead in your sins, He has resurrected together with Him, having forgiven (by paying with His life) all your sins. He blotted out the handwriting of ordinances (law violations, our sins) that was against us, and He took it out of the way, nailing it to the cross.” Col. 2:13-14

Clarify what He did here: Jesus stepped into your death and hell sentence as your kinsmen (relative) redeemer. He was the only one qualified to pay the laws demands for all your sins, in order for you to be set free from this life sentence. There was no other way!

He gave His life for your life.

          Ill. Imagine sitting in prison with life sentence and suddenly guard says, “Washburn, roll it up!” What? “I said roll it up. Your charges are dismissed and your record is expunged. You are free to go.”

          “No way – you are messing with me. I’ve got multiple life sentences I will die here.”

          This is the gospel. Good news. You either take it and go free or you sit in prison the rest of your life and die.

Point: Salvation has nothing to do with your labors. Jesus death on the cross was a huge overpayment for all the sins of the world!

 By this, He disarmed authorities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them by the cross.”  Col. 2:13-15

This is what it means that Jesus is our Redeemer.

Redeem = exchange something for something better

To restore back something for a payment.

Jesus bought back the blessing that we lost.

-         So born from above people, now have the original blessing of God back upon us.

-         Be fruitful = be productive, successful 

-         Multiply = increase, make disciples

-         Replenish = fill and restore with God’s Presence

-         Subdue = rule and have dominion

What do we do with it?

 Jesus’ name is the believers power of attorney. We have the blessing to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue

“Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18:19

-          not heaven where God’s throne is – but the atmospheric heaven surrounding us here on earth – where the prince of the power of the air dwells. Satan is here in the atmosphere trying to hinder you from being fruitful, multiplying, replenishing, and subduing.

Ill. 2016 as I read scripture I discerned God was saying this is for you to use the teach your church. The whole text I want read for the sake of time. But the highlights are this.

I noticed that God was saying over and over things like, “I will help you, I will strengthen you. Then He would say a list of things like “You shall do some things. Partnership.

“I will help you says the Lord, your Redeemer. See I will make you a new sharp threshing instrument with double edges; you shall thresh mountains, and beat them small and the wind shall carry them away. You shall rejoice in the Lord and glory in Him.” Isa. 41:15-16

It is like God setting us up in situations that look like there is no way to succeed – no way to prosper. Then He takes pleasure in putting this weapon of double edges to take down mountains?

What is this sharp instrument with double edges that will take down my mountains that seem impossible? The personal words God gives me to hide in my heart but then speak is like a sword coming out of my mouth.

Jesus is described with a sword in His mouth: Rev. 1:16, 2:12, Rev. 19:15.

Mountains to cut down with God’s Word in your mouth.

Mountain of health burdens.

Mountain of family burdens.

Mountain of financial burdens.

Mountain of church burdens.

Your mountains are speaking to you and Jesus said for you to speak to your mountain and prophesy it is being moved!

The end result will be this.

“that people may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created it.” Isa. 41:20

Your life should demand an explanation!

-         Be fruitful = be productive, successful 

-         Multiply = increase, make disciples

-         Replenish = fill and restore with God’s Presence

-         Subdue = rule and have dominion

The forces of life come out of the human heart – Proverbs 4:23.

Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

God’s strength is resident in His word. When you meditate upon it and put it in your heart and then speak it out of your mouth with authority then mountains begin to move, and trees or resistance are uprooted.

Your words are powerfully prophesying your future success or failure.  

If you going around saying, “I am so dumb, I am so clumsy, I am so”  what ever, you fill in the blank, then you will eat that fruit.

Who told you that you are dumb, ugly. Ill. Adam naked – hide. Who told you that you were naked? Sick, dying, dumb, ugly?

The doctor may have given you a bad report. Don’t run off saying “I’ve got cancer, I’ve got this or that. Go to God and see what He has for you to say. Your words are powerful!

Ill. Movie “Breakthrough” – the mother’s son in coma in hospital. She so guarded him that she would not allow any doctors or any visitors to speak any negative thing in his room. She had been attending and

storing up the Word in her heart and mouth. She knew the power of words affecting our future.

 “The power of life and death are in the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”
Proverbs 18:21

Ill. When God told Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go, the first thing Moses said was, “Who am I to talk to him?” He started making excuses that he had this speech impediment and God said, “Who made your tongue?”

Quit telling Me what you are not.

Ill. If you can’t be positive – at least be quiet.

In Luke 1 an angel appeared to Zachariah. He said he and his wife Elizabeth would have a baby (Jn Baptist). Zach and wife were up there in years and it did not seem likely. He said to the angel, “Are you sure this is going to happen? You realize we are older and it doesn’t seem possible. The angel said, “I am Gabriel and I stand in the presence of Almighty God and whatever God says comes to pass!

          God knew if Zach continued to speak doubt it could stop the plan so told the Angel to tell him that he would remain silent until the baby is born. For 9 months he could not speak – until it happened.

          Scripture warns us to put a watch over our mouth!

Ill. Joshua leading Israel into Promise land. They came to Jericho a walled city. God gave strange instructions. March around city for 6 days and on 7th day seven times. But one final instruction which was a vital key. While you march around the city don’t say a word! Not even a whispering conversation. Why? God knew people default to the negative when they don’t see anything happening. They would say things like, “What in the world are we doing out here – ain’t nothing happening. These wall are never going to fall, they’ve been here forever. I am hot. I am hungry. This place is too dusty.

          There are times our lives are difficult to be positive and that is true. So when that time comes, just stay silent.

          Ill. Everyday so to speak you are walking around some walls you have prayed will fall down. Your mind may begin to say, “I’ve had this addiction all my life – nothing is going to change.” Or “I’ll never be able to get out of debt.” Or “I am not getting any better but worse.”

          God is talking to us today as He did to the Israelites. “If you can’t say anything positive and in faith – then at least don’t say anything.”

Your negative talk is resisting God.        

          Ill. Since it’s Mother’s day I give you a mother who was great in faith. In 2 Kings 4 She had child born as a result of a prophetic word given her. This child grew and one day when he was about 10 he was out in the field with his Father saying he had a headache. Father sent him to his mother at home. At home the boy died! This mother did not panic, did not speak one negative thing. She knew God had given her this child and it was God who would resurrect him to fulfill his destiny. She went to see Elijah the prophet. She met people along the way and when each one asked, “Are you okay?” She simply said,

“It is well” and she kept on going to get to the man of God.

          Think of all the negative thoughts she had to fight off. Then consider her restraint of words!

          Ill. Many times we want to tell people how bad things are – we feel like complaining, because we feel we have good reason to do so.

I am not saying we are to deny what is true, but don’t stop there.

You could say it this way, “The medical report wasn’t good, but all is well, God is my healer.” Choose to stay in faith no matter what.

Don’t talk about the size of your problem as if God is not with you– talk about the size of your God. God brought walls down for Joshua. He resurrected a dead boy for a mother. He can turn around your situation too. He can make a way where there is no way.

Concl: He wants those mtns on your life to come down but in a way that everyone who knows you will know it had to be God. It wasn’t a natural kind of thing. But here is the deal. He wants you to partner with Him.

As believers you are blessed to be able to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue the earth like a king rules with your words.

 “The power of life and death are in the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”
Proverbs 18:21

The blessing of God is waiting to be activated in your life through the proper use of your words.