Trusting The Unseen Hand Of God With The Unchangeable

Trusting The Unseen Hand Of God With The Unchangeable

Ill. I’ve been reading a book “Killing Uncle Sam”. Very enlightening book about extreme corruption of government controlled by the powerful money people in the world. These people control so much of what goes on, including the media and what information we receive through their power over people in high places. We are not naive – we are aware of such corruption just in our lifetime.

          Just so happens we watched a movie this week that portrayed a corrupt senator of US using all his many connections in government to accomplish an evil agenda.

But what are we to do about it? Don’t become cynical. This is not new. God knows what is going on. Though there are corrupt politicians and people there are also some good and moral and Christians in high places. God does appoint and divinely place people into strategic high level government positions to be salt and light there.

          Look at Joseph in Genesis 41; In the space of one-hour, God promoted him from prisoner to the second highest level of government position in one day: without compromise, without manipulation, just by the divine placement and timing of God.

          Joseph trusted the unseen hand of God with the unchangeable in his life – and so must we.

God divinely places us where He wants us and intends to use us as salt and light to the people we are around. He even has plans to use our trials and sufferings for good purposes. Nothing is wasted. He even keeps your tears in a bottle! That means it will not be wasted!

Redeemer = to gain or regain for loss and compensate for loss.

          The devil steals, kills and destroys – Jesus redeems.

“There is a Redeemer, JC God’s Son. Precious lamb of God, Messiah, Holy One. Thank You O My Father, for giving us Your Son. And leaving Your Spirit till Your work on earth is done.”

          Can you trust the unseen hand of God for now? He is a god of compensation – a Redeeming God.

          God orchestrated Esther to be appointed to become the wife and Queen to a heathen King who ruled over the whole world. In ten chapters of the book of Esther, not once is God ever mentioned, yet we see His hand of providence orchestrating things. God so often works behind the scenes rather than in front.

          The Jews were in danger of being exterminated like a holocaust. The king did not know his queen was a Jew. Her uncle begged her to appeal to the king. She was afraid it might cost her life when he found out she was a Jew. But her uncle wisely told her,

“Who knows if you have attained this position for such a time as this!”

The outcome was miraculous!

Our presence here in the earth is what is keeping Satan and all his forces from being able to carry out all he would like to do. God’s Presence in us makes us a frustration to the enemy and his plans.

Have you ever considered the great detail God ordained placed you where you are, and your time in history to live? Maybe you have not even reached the point of your supreme purpose for being here yet. Maybe there will be an opportunity for you in your future that God has been preparing you for your whole life. It involves all the uniqueness of your life – on one else can do what God has ordained for you.

Most people would like to change some of these things that are beyond our control. It is critical to acceptance of what God has ordained and ask Him for wisdom about how He wants to use them.

God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.
trusting that You will make all things work together for good
if I surrender to Your Sovereign will;

Say out loud with me: I am here for such a time as this! God has great purposes for my life and the way He made me.

          Ill. ADD or ADHD, Autism, mentally retarded slow, dyslexia– OCD labels.

Did God make a mistake? Is there a purpose? There is a stigma that go with these diagnosis that says, “you’re not right!” Who says?

          One psychiatrist wrote a book titled, “The Power of Different: the link between disorder and genius.”

She studied children and adults with so called disorders to discover they have strengths in other areas that so called “normal” people don’t. Much like a blind person develops greater hearing and discerning noises and presence around them than people with perfect hearing.

Many geniuses were told when they were young that they had mental illness or were retarded: Albert Einstein was sent home from school because he teacher said he was incapable of learning.

          Your mental capacity – wiring was ordained by the unseen hand of God for a reason!

          I want to focus on one more person to help us to see the unseen hand of God at work in our own life and situations.

The kingdom of Judah ( land of the Jews) has been invaded by the leading world empire (Babylonians) whose king is Nebuchadnezzar. On the surface this looks like strong conquering the weak. But things are not always as they appear. The Bible, God’s Word reveals what the natural eye cannot see.

“The king of Babylon captured Jerusalem.(This is how it appears in the “seen” realm)

But scripture reveals the unseen hand of God.

The Lord gave Judah into the hand of Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar, with part of the vessels of the house of God, and he carried them into the house of his god.  Daniel 1:2

God is sovereignly allowing His people to go into captivity to a foreign heathen nation! 90% of Jews in Israel are moved to Babylon. Not only did Nebuchadnezzar capture their material treasures, but also human treasures.

-         History records he took 70 of the smartest young people of Israel and give them 100% scholarship to the kings school of government. Babylon was a highly civilized nation. The famed hanging gardens was one of the 7 wonders of the world. This would be like living in small town of Wildwood all your life and suddenly moved to huge metropolis like NYC. Your senses would be overwhelmed by all you see. Like Beverly Hillbillies moving into the mansion.

-         Here they would be given the best education in the world. They would be re-trained in Babylonian culture and customs and those who excelled would be given prominent positions in government and live a luxurious life compared to the other Jews brought to Babylonian captivity.

-         Nebuchezzar would place these re-programmed young Jews to rule over the population of the Jewish captives and keep down any insurrection towards the government and control the people. 

Not a bad idea: Get the young people in the teen age and early 20’s and educate them in according to your system and agenda and them put them in government places of leadership and influence to control the people.

Could this be why is happening to our educational system? The Bible is banned from public schools and universities and history books are being re-written. Why is this happening?

There is a new world order that an elite group of powerful people are trying to get our world into a one world government so that it is easier to control people. Not only this but a one world religion and one world economy. This is not new. It has been the plan of Satan since the tower of Babylon and a man called Nimrod.

 If you want to control the world you must control these 7 mountains:

1) Education
2) Religion
3) Family
4) Business
5) Government/Military
6) Arts/Entertainment
7) Media

          Kingdoms rise and fall and leaders rise and fall who have had this same agenda – from Nimrod, to Nebuchadnezzar to Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, and even some American presidents. Notice how leaders come and go but the same agenda surfaces again with a different face on it. It was going on in Daniels time and it is still going on today and will continue until Jesus returns and destroys it and sets up His eternal kingdom.

          So we like Daniel we are planted by God in this corrupt world in a certain time in history and a certain country. How are we to deal with all the world of corruption around us. What does God expect of little ole us?

          To answer this we look to someone who has already blazed the trail in his day and God had this recorded in His Word for us.

“As part of their assimilation into Babylonian life the Kings appointed daily provisions of the king’s food and wine. He also educated them for three years, then they might serve in the king’s government. Among them were Daniel, Hanniah, Mishael, and Azariah. But the officials changed their names to Babylonian names. Daniel 1:5-6 paraphrase

Their location has changed – their lifestyle has changed – their identities changed. There were 70 young men undergoing the same training. The majority 66 out of 70 compromised. “No harm done by giving in a little. We are not back home – this is a different world. We are just having a little fun. Don’t be so holier than thou.”

-         But Daniel and his friends are examples of people who are willing to stand alone if need be for what is right.

-         In every age God is looking for – men and women who will not compromise with the world. Daniel is probably about age 19. How is it possible to live in a compromising world and not compromise?

You have a purpose bigger than your position.

          Because I have Jesus there is a purpose for my life bigger than my own agenda for success and happiness. God saved me not just to go to heaven in a few more years from now but for purpose now.

          Sometimes you know some things God wants you to do and other times you wait until the temptation to compromise comes. Here is where you will find God’s purpose for you!

           The test came: In verse 5 and 8 these young Jewish men were eating meat from the king’s table. This was meat offered to Babylonian idols. According to God’s Word in Leviticus 11 Jews were forbidden to eat certain foods, especially meat offered to idols. 66 of the 70  Jews were compromising scriptural convictions due to their circumstances changing. (Hey the king is our authority – no choice – everyone is!)

You and I will be placed in circumstances beyond our control and be tempted to compromise – go the easy way, don’t rock the boat! Daniel must have realized, “My purpose for being here is greater than my position.” God placed me here beyond my control. He has a purpose.

But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king’s food. He appealed to an official that he might not defile himself. Now God brought favor and compassion with this official.” 
Dan. 1:8-9

Notice what God does: Once we purpose in our heart to live by God’s standards, then God gives us favor in our circumstances.

Note the order how this happens:

But Daniel purpose in his heart . . .”

Now God brought favor . . .”

What was this favor from God in Daniel and these 3 other men?

“In all matters of wisdom and understanding which the king inquired of them he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers in his kingdom” Dan. 1:20

-         Special insight and special influence, special protection.  This continued through Daniels life for about 70 years of high level government positions he held through several kings and even a change of kingdoms.

Ill. During an election year people skilled in politics talk a lot.

Politics = Politics in democracy is the art of compromise in order to advance an agenda.

“Politics is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone thinks they got the biggest piece.”

The word “politics” comes from two words – poly – many  and Ticks – blood sucking creatures!

Politics is the art of compromise – deal making.

But God is not a politician:

Everywhere you see compromise of God’s will you also see a loss:

Adam/Eve compromised God’s Word – lost paradise

Esau compromised for instant satisfaction – lost birthright

Samson   “         vows as Nazarite – lost his life.

Solomon   “   God’s laws about marriage – lost kingdom

It’s not any different today. The world’s message is “if you want to get ahead you must compromise.”  But here Daniel and 3 others don’t and today we know their names but the other 66 outstanding young men – we don’t even know their names and they left no legacy.

          If you are going to try and be like everyone else and blend in – you don’t understand why you are here for such a time as this. You won’t leave any legacy for your family. It will be as though you lived and died without any purpose.

Concl: Do you have some things in your life you wish you could change but you can’t? Trust God with them and surrender the rest of your days into His hands. He wants to do something with your life right where you are – if you will let Him and trust His unseen hand at work.