The Main Thing Wed teaching 8-14-17

Wed teaching 8-14-17

A month ago, I went alone on prayer retreat – to recalibrate. What I believe God communicated to me was

The Main Thing is the Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing!

          Saturday night before I begin releasing this message, we get some devastating news – it is like the enemy set off a bomb to distract us and deter us from releasing this message to the church.

          The next Saturday our son who was in rehab is in the hospital with serious liver issues from drug abuse. Sunday evening, I get a message from Daniel Richwine about revival breaking out in their church and they were renting a building at the fairgrounds. He asked about using our church. I went to the fairgrounds to see what was happening for myself. My son Andrew goes with me. On the way home from Revival Andrew having some liver issues and lots of pain. At home we call from ambulance and he is back in the hospital for several days.

          I agreed to host the revival here on Monday and we joined fellowship with 2 other churches. Went to week and began again Sunday night through following Wednesday night. I heard several good words of direction four our church through Derrick West’s preaching.

One word of direction came through Derrick preaching about Peter was told by Jesus to push out for a big catch of fish. His boat began to sink because it was so full. He had to call for other boats to help him bring in the catch of the fish.

          It was at this time I was considering an offer from another local church that had been asking to rent our building on Saturday nights so they could establish a satellite church presence in this area of senior adult living. They specialize in targeting baby boomers. IT was when this message was preached that I heard the Lord through this message telling me that this harvest of souls around us is larger than our boat can carry. We need to work with other ministries to bring in the harvest! When Pam heard Derrick preaching this, she told me this too!

Now it looks like that is going to happen in October this year.

God was speaking to me through a preacher I would have never heard on my own. God arranges for us to be in the right place at the right time to hear what we need to hear or say what we need to say.

Ill. Pastor Richwine told me during revival that Nicole was a great preacher and if I ever needed someone, she was great. Out of the blue I asked her if she wanted to preach here Sunday. She said yes. Then I got sick with the flu but already had her scheduled to preach!

          God is way ahead of us!

The next Sunday I had Ken Malone scheduled to be with us. I did not know him very well just through a conference over 10 years ago.

          He speaks prophetically to us and our church about many things. Also, the young lady prophet spoke things about our church as well.

What did you hear that stood out to you?

Ask people.

Review some things Ken Malone spoke:

“He has made from one blood every nation to men to live on the entire face of the earth, having APPOINTED FIXED TIMES AND THE BOUNDARIES OF THEIR HABITATION.” Acts 17:26

-        Not just geographical appointments but all they dynamics of your life, your giftings and callings, with the people you connect with.

He shared about the 4 different kinds of time:

1.    Kairos – opportune time

2.   Chronos – chronology – calendar

3.   Fullness of time – about to spill over

4.   Perfect time – horias = right time and place

Ill. Over a year ago Pam and I went to a prophetic mtg in Daytona Beach. A lady prophesied over us that we would be soon shifting from Pastoral to more Apostolic and Prophetic positions = which is like a spiritual father and mother giving guidance and direction and help where needed. We did not tell anyone about this but hung onto it and set it on the shelf. This week Ken Malone confirms that word we had a year ago.

          What do we do with it? I don’t know yet just hold on and we will see and walk slowly with God. When God gives a prophetic word, you hold it. It is meant to encourage you when you go through difficult times to know God is doing something.

We have made connections to people just in the past two months that we would have never made on our own. God is doing something!

I read this in a book that Lynda ? gave to us over a month ago on a Wednesday night.

“The swiftness with which I build is determined by your reception of truth. Truth assimilated generates creativity. Obedience practiced generates productivity. Therefore, a teachable spirit and a determined desire to do My will hastens the outworking of My purposes in you.”

Frances J. Roberts author of “on the high road of surrender”

One morning during the revival here I wrote down in my journal these words:

“People say they are hungry for a move of God. What they mean is they are desiring to see something happen like power, signs or wonders like they heard has happened some place else. They are seeking excitement in the church!”

How can you tell a real move of God?

Ill. One night during revival Derrick preached a good message on Elijah in the cave seeking God. There was a great earthquake, then a mighty wind, and finally a massive fire.

At one time God did move mightily in revival with fire – Mt Carmel.

God has in past been in an earthquake in book of Acts. God said amen to a prayer with an earthquake.

God has moved in the sound of a mighty wind in Acts 2.

But this time none of these was a move of God.

This time God came after all this in a still small voice – whisper. So small no one would notice if they were not paying attention.

A move of God may not always be what we are expecting it to look like – it may be a small whisper from God to you!

With God you must be paying attention all the time. He is in the details of your life. Nothing is coincidental! He is arranging meetings with people, crossing paths with others, and getting you in the right place at the right time.

Ill. I can’t tell you how many times a week I will be at a store and have an opportune time to witness about Jesus to someone and letting them know He loves them dearly. Almost every time I hear the person say, “You don’t know how much I needed to hear this today.”

God’s ways are so different from ours that we may not recognize what is a move of God! There are moves of God going on all around you that you may not even notice.

Part of the Lord’s model prayer is

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

What is this daily bread?

Jesus said, “Man does not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”

Daily God whispers His Word to us somehow through a variety of ways. It may come through a song you hear, a tv show, a book, the bible, church sermons, through a person, however.

Your human spirit picks up on life coming from the Spirit. It may not recognize what you hear is very significant at the moment, but it will hold it in your memory in your heart for later. The heart stores a lot of things we call brain clutter.

-        In your sleep the HS puts words in your heart and seals them up for another time in your future.

“In a dream in the vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon man, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instructions. . .” Job 33:15-16

          But you will hear something and may not know why it seems to mean something important to you – so your heart stores it for later when the Spirit has your attention and you can now discern what the Spirit was trying to show you.

“The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth and in thy heart, that it the word of faith that we preach.” Romans 10:8 and originally Deut. 30:14.

Ill. Have you ever spoken to someone and was shocked by the wisdom of God that came out of your own mouth? He placed His Words in your heart at some time – probably during the night when you slept.

It is the whisper of God in the night like when God spoke to Samuel as a young boy and he did not recognize the voice of God. Eli could not hear this!

Ill. Ever wake up suddenly at night thinking you heard the doorbell or someone’s voice? But then you realize it was not audible but in your head. No one else heard it but you.

There is the voice of God others can’t hear – but you can hear. It may come at night, or during your daily routine. But your spirit knows when God is speaking.

Concl: I encourage you to keep a notepad with you every day. Just for your eyes only. Review it and you may be surprised to see how God has been arranging meetings with people and circumstances that serve His purposes for your life.